Heise Zip Lines near Idaho Falls.

Heise Zip Lines near Idaho Falls.

You’ve probably heard about the Heise Ziplines, 10 lines of terrifying awesomeness.  Here are a few highlights and tips to consider as you plan your adventure.

You have two options of zipline adventures. The 10-line course for the cost of $65, or the 3-line course for $35.

There are some weight restrictions, you must be under 250 lbs. to participate (I barely got in, 4 months after having baby number 4 I’m frighteningly close to that number) or if you’re more of a light weight (like 95-120 lbs) you may have to double up with a buddy to get to the end of the zip line. Being a light weight is sort of cool because you get to practice cool moves like cannon ball to get you to the end of the line. But alas, if you get stuck, your trusty guide gets to walk the distance and pull you in. If there’s a strong tail wind, you may soar to the end with no problem, and obviously head winds will create more canon ball practice. Either way, it’s gonna be fun.

The zipline office wanted us to be sure to note that they have combo packages for the pools and the zip lines so be sure to cash in on that if you make it a longer adventure.

Its’ wise to grab a reservation, there were a few walk ins that were turned away from our group based on the number of guides they had on hand.

We went during their “slow season” and if you do as well, don’t be afraid to leave a phone message at the zipline desk, it took three or four hours but they did call back and were very friendly and pleasant to work with.

The ten-line course took us roughly two hours, but they requested we be present 20 min prior to our appointment to harness up, sign waivers, and watch a hilarious safety video. We piled into a Ranger and drove up to the first zip line. Its slightly terrifying making the initial leap, but it’s also gorgeous to fly through the mountain air overlooking the river and farmers’ fields. Some of the lines you’ll enter the landing zone backwards, which was obnoxious but fun. There was a small hike between the first and second line, so if you’ve got a knee or hip issue, perhaps this adventure will be better suited after your joint replacement.

Fun tricks to try while riding the lines:
  1. Racing, there are two lines that accommodate racing depending on your group size.
  1. Going upside down, that’s right, tip back, wrap your legs around harness rope and enjoy the nauseating terror of the ground flying underneath you.
  2. Riding double. On the Tower line, they allowed us to double up (Even my 215 lb. self) Which was a lot of fun. My husband and I went for my birthday so it was fun to cuddle with him along the 1400 ft. Tower zipline.
  3. On line # 7 you can run and jump at the start of the line, trust fall backwards from off the ledge, or walk off the ledge. It’s a little different than the others because the cable is looser (making it nice for the light weights and even small kids) and the platform is longer. The cable kind of bounces and bobs, it was my personal favorite.
  1. On one line (which is to be unnamed) you may or may not get sprayed in the face by a sneaky sprinkler.

Overall, it was an awesome experience. There were moments of fear, my guide may or may not have threatened to push me off the platform when I was too scared to jump. Another guide offered to tandem ride with me when I was again… feeling scared. But, I don’t look back on it with any regrets, and you could probably talk me into doing it again. So even if you are a scaredy-cat like me, take the risk and go have fun. And No, I won’t go with you to the Heise SPOOKTACULAR Ziplines that open in October… I have my limits!