Last week (February 16, 2016) Zillow went ahead and added a little feature for us REALTOR’s® to add a video feature to our listings with Zillow. It’s a maximum of 2 minutes long and we have to use Zillows app on our phones to create the videos but despite its flaws and the shortcomings that it has in terms of quality it seems to be extremely effective.

I had two listings as of last week on the market (now 1 because we accepted an offer) and added the video feature to both. Now a few days later I can look at what it did for the views clicks etc on those homes and everything has more than doubled. Another interesting facet to this is that in Idaho Falls I’m the only REALTOR® who has taken advantage of this, as of yet. I’m sure other listings will start trickling in with video but I wonder how it will start to affect the early successes that we had this past week.

For an example of a video listing on Zillow you can simply look at our listing here. I view it more as a way to rank and piece the puzzle of pictures together- like I said the quality isn’t really strong but if you were interested in this home you would get a much better sense of the home before going to see it in person and you could watch it twenty times if you wanted to. Where are we going to put the couch? Let’s watch the video again and figure it out how the Master Bedroom is connected to the house, etc.