Zillows website actually has a chart to tell us about the accuracy regarding its Zestimate. It doesn’t have Idaho Falls listed specifically but it does have Idaho.

Idaho doesn’t actually have enough information to even be ranked. I though this was rather interesting. However I though that the other states were even more interesting because to me it told a story of how accurate the zestimate really isn’t.


26.9% of homes sold there are “zestimate” to be 20% off when an actual sell happens. So if I have a home that I list for $200,000 because that is what the Z-estimate says there’s a strong chance that it might really sell for something more like $160,000.


Kentucky has 4 stars so lets do that again. $200,000 home 16% chance of the home selling for $160,000. At least the median for error is better in Kentucky.

I am actually someone who enjoys how functional Zillow is at searches but I also don’t like going there and finding weird things. For some reason lately it will show that taxes are tens of thousands of dollars a year. When MLS lists that they are just about a thousand dollars. Based on the definition that Zestimate has I think that it would be fair to say that the Zestimate for Idaho is more of starting point that may or may not just be from the assessed value.

If anyone is interested in finding this information for themselves they can go here.