Beautiful Sun Valley- I love vacations, and by extension I love resort towns. Any time and money spent making memories with the sheer objective of having fun is going to have my full support. I know not everyone values the expense of a vacation, let alone a resort town, but there really are more than a few ways to have a great time in Sun Valley on a budget.  Nestled in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountains, the fresh mountain air, hikes, and bike trails can keep you entertained for hours. If you enjoy a slower pace, the Olympic Pool, Thrift Shopping, wonderful affordable restaurants and many free events are available. The outdoor amphitheater hosts big name celebrity and orchestras and can be enjoyed by all- There is something magical walking through the heart of the town, surrounded by mountains with opera music floating overhead. The outdoor ice arena puts on lovely productions and provides ice skating year round. It is a strong attraction for professional ice skaters to come train at high altitudes in the beautiful summer air.

Naturally in the winter Sun Valley ski resorts boasts some of the finest skiing and snowboarding in Idaho.  Kids enjoy sledding on the great hill on the corner of Sun Valley and Saddle Road. The snow piles 4 to 5 feet high, people have to pay for snow removal from the tops of their roofs. It is truly a winter wonderland and a winter vacation or Christmas spent there will be remembered fondly.

Sun Valley is too magical a place to blog about just once. Today I want to share about my latest adventure there, The Labor Day Parade.  Ketchum and Sun Valley are two tiny resort towns that really should just be one town… and to be fair the parade is officially in Ketchum. This parade runs down Sun Valley Road and loops through the town. The magic of this parade is that it is a celebration of how Ketchum was before the railroads or automobiles reached the town. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the parade (even the poop scoopers were on roller blades, which is definitely not motorized but I have my doubts about their presence in the pre-motor era). Like any decent parade they had at least one marching band. There were so, so, so many gorgeous horses with historic wagons, buggies and stage coaches. Other attractions included the cowgirls and cowboys with their fancy riding and their adorned horses with braided hair and ribbons.  A stunning Native American group displayed Painted horses and rode in the traditional bareback style. There were many different kinds of horses, I am no connoisseur of horses, but there were gorgeous Clydesdale’s, donkeys, mules and many others present. The final event to the parade is the Lewis Ore Wagons. The Big Hitch exhibit are large freight wagons that are hitched together and pulled by a 20 mule team. I counted 5 wagons hitched this year but I am told there have been more wagons in the past. These wagons are known to be the best preserved, most original, wagons of their kind in existence. It was super awesome to watch! So, next time you aren’t sure where to spend your Labor Day, consider Sun Valley and Ketchum.