The Steps

  1. This is when the ground is first broken. The contractor will survey the site, and begin digging. The footing and foundation walls are then poured and the concrete cures, or hardens for a few days. At this point an inspection is made on all the concrete work to make sure it meets code.
  2. Once the inspection is finished and the concrete cured, framing begins. Framing is the process of putting in the floors, walls and roof. These are usually framed with wood members.
  3. When the framing nears completion the plumber and electrician come and put in all the wires and piping that will be hidden in the walls. This is called rough in. Once the framing is complete, and the plumber and electrician have finished putting in their wires and piping, another inspection is held.
  4. Insulation is then put into the walls, floor and ceiling.
  5. Drywall or Sheetrock will then be hung on all the walls. This covers up everything that is inside of the walls.
  6. Interior trim is installed and walkways and drive ways are usually poured at this stage.
  7. Hard surface flooring is installed and exterior finishes such as siding, exterior trim, soffit and facia are then installed.
  8. Heating and cooling trim-work will then be installed along with bathroom fixtures such as sinks, toilets, etc.
  9. At this point, your house is looking like a home. Mirrors, shower doors, finish flooring such as carpet are finished at this stage. Dependent on the time of year you are building, landscaping is usually completed at this time.
  10. Before the final walk-through, one last inspection is held. There is a final walk-through where you get to go through your home to make sure you are getting what you and your builder agreed to.