Idaho Falls Passiv House

Have you ever heard about passiv house? By the way that is the correct spelling. Passive is referring to how the house takes care of itself. Passive rather than Active in terms of its heating, cooling, lighting, comfort levels. The house is much, much more self sufficient requiring less power input due to the high standards. The home will consume about 60-70 percent savings to other conventional buildings pretty sweet huh. So what would this mean in Idaho Falls. I can’t say what everyone pays for their power and gas bills but we pay nearly $200 on average. So with the passiv house strategy it could be $60-$80 a month. That would be pretty nice.

Some of the strategies to get this done include.

1- a very tightly sealed home, high insulation, and good mechanical ventilation to ensure a fresh home that still breathes.

2- Dehumidifiers to maintain healthy moisture levels/prevent mold.

3- Taking advantage of heat naturally produced from cooking, cleaning, people, lights, etc.

4- Orienting house for heat gain in winter and shade in summer months.

Check out this article at Houzz for a case study on a Passiv House in Vermont for the month of February. Though it may not be quite as cold as Idaho Falls can get, its pretty close and gives a good idea of what you could expect if you were building one of these very efficient homes. Follow this link.