The power of Photography.

Every day thousands of hotels, airbnb, homes, etc. are rented site unseen, additionally homes are viewed for purchase and sometimes also purchased site unseen. Why is this so? Pictures!

This is true in my personal life as well. I am planning a trip to San Francisco and will likely end up renting a private room through airbnb. To me the pictures are what will make the difference.

For real estate this is huge. A recent study by MDG Advertising reported that content with images is viewed 94% more. Redfin recently

did a study that photos taken with professional cameras sold for between $3,400 and $11,200 more than those with amateur photos. Additionally, those homes will more likely sell, and by the numbers three weeks faster!

Another study was conducted by Virtuance Photography and Virtual Tours. They focused on individual listings using low quality and high quality photos and compared how it affected popularity. The results: In 3 months the number of online views increased by 159% and bookings increased by 98%.

These facts make it undeniable that image matters. When I work with buyers today they frequently come having seen and studied every photograph that was taken. Having bad photography means they might toss it out completely, the home may sit on the market longer and that it won’t sell for what it could have.

Here are some before and afters by Harry Lim Photography. The first photo of each picture had the home on market for 8 months. After he took them the home was under contract in 8 days.