Happy New Year!

We know! Goals always come at the beginning of the year and we don’t want to hear about them anymore. We are already trying to forget them and its only the tenth of January.

At Sage Leaf Group we actually really love setting goals. We are not sure if this is inherent with all architects; architects generally love to learn. However, the goal setting thing may come from the real estate side of our company where we see REALTOR’s® set lofty goals and push themselves to improve their business.

Improving our company is our major goal this year. Last year we started Sage Leaf Group- this year we will make it even better.

Here’s our main goal

“Develop a written system for our business so that every single client receives the absolute best service every time.”

There it is. Life happens and little things get missed, our goal here at Sage Leaf Group is to develop a process to make sure that those little things don’t get missed. The goal is that after experiencing our system and organization, our clients will want to refer business to us, knowing that their friends will get the same excellent level of service that they received.

Here is a specific example pertaining to a recent residential architecture client. We set up an email system for new clients to help improve how things flowed for their home design.

The first email they received contained some links to a few idea sites (Pinterest, Houzz etc) and encouraged them to create boards so that they can identify what they actually like. A few days later they received an additional email referencing those websites, asking if they have had a chance to look at them, and asking for access to see what they had saved on their boards. The emails continue on through the design process, giving them key information at the appropriate times. The beautiful thing is we automated all information needed into a drip system of emails and we can use that same series of emails for our next client. We show up organized with our client and they feel empowered because they have the information they need, right in their inbox.

Systems like these will give our clients increased confidence in Sage Leaf Group and help us reach our goal to make the company even better this year.

We hope you reach your goals for 2017 too!



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