Drafting Rates

As an Architecture firm, one of the most common inquiries we receive is “How much will it cost to have custom house plans drawn up?” Many of us want to build new, but want to create something as unique as we are, and many of us also answer to a budget, so, let’s talk current rates!

There is quite a bit that goes into designing a home: layout, space adjacency, aesthetics, finishes, etc. Because there is so much that can vary from one persons dream home to another, we have made our pricing as variable as our clients. Here are a few different scenarios to help you understand why our rates are the way they are.


Scenario 1) Drafting

Judd comes to us with a very clear floor plan in mind. Judd has found a floor plan online with the layout that he likes, but perhaps this wall moved, and that room a bit bigger, or maybe even moving the stair case to a different spot. This kind of clarity is what we are talking about when we say “a clear floor plan in mind.” We also need to keep in mind that we can’t replicate the exact design that someone has already made, and we will need to make changes from existing plans to be compliant with copyright law. We can start our rates for this service at $0.70 a square foot for the main and second floors. The basement and garage rates are $0.35 a square foot.

After we are finished drawing up the rough version of Judd’s plan, we send it home with him to review it and to let us know if there are things that need to be adjusted. In this package, we indicate what wall can be moved easily (Non Load Bearing Walls), and which ones require more work to move (Load Bearing Walls). Judd comes back the next day and asks to move a closet wall a bit and to change a few doors to swing a different direction. There were a few other minor changes (What are minor changes?) like these as well. After those changes are complete, we draw the construction drawings. At this point, we then ask Judd to review the drawings to see if there are any other final changes to be made. He asks us to change the size of a few windows. The windows are adjusted and we send our final copy of the plans to Judds contractor and he is on his way to having his new home!

Scenario 2) Customized Drafting

Mike and Kristy are wanting to design a custom home and they know that they need 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a 3 car garage, a good sized kitchen and a few hobby rooms. They aren’t sure where they want any of the rooms. With Mike and Kristy we start with the initial cost $0.70 a square foot for main and 2nd levels with $0.35 a square foot for the garage and basement. We will start this process off by sketching some floor plan layouts with Mike and Kristy until we discover what they are looking for in room adjacency and layouts. If Mike and Kristy would like, we will then allow them to sleep on the layouts, but we don’t continue on until they are pretty happy with the layout. Then we begin drawing up a rough plan and elevations.

Once we have finished drawing up a rough plan and elevations Mike and Kristy can make minor changes (What are minor changes?) without any additional cost. More serious changes will be done at an hourly rate. When Mike and Kristy give us the okay, we begin drawing the construction drawings. Once the construction drawings are finished, Mike and Kristy realized that they wanted a few more changes to be made. Unfortunately, because of the complexity of the construction drawings, it now takes a lot of time to make these changes, therefore, we would once again charge an hourly rate. This is why we won’t move on from our initial design until we get a final confirmation from our client.

Architectural Services

These rates are only for our drafting services. Don’t misunderstand, we still offer full architectural services to those who want them. Those rates are dependent on each individual project. If you are interested in our full architectural services, reach out to us here.

We believe in being fair to our clients who give us the opportunity to provide for our families doing what we love. There isn’t a hard a fast rule to minor and major changes because sometimes things can be changed easily and sometimes not. If it’s an easy fix, there won’t be any additional cost or iteration. We are excited to help you create the home you have been dreaming about for years.

To custom homes!
The Sage Leaf Group