Moving is not fun and I’m going to get a little personal in this post. I moved my family 3 times in a fairly recent 12 month period. For me, it was easy, I was chasing endeavors I knew would be awesome for us. However, my wife may still be a little traumatized by all of those moves. This emotional attachment we bind to our homes only increases with the amount of time we occupied it. So many memories, mundane and magical fill these spaces, and even though we know it’s time to say goodbye, It’s still hard!

So what can you do to make the move easier for you and your family?

Moving Out

1. Take Photos of Your Old Home.

Before you start packing boxes, document how you lived there. Yes, this means take some messy photos. You will cherish the picture of the crayons strewn out all over the kitchen bar with your little artist in the center. Take some with your house in its best form too, my wife loves that “ah” feeling when the house is put back together once the kids are in bed, so that’s the time that she snapped photos. Also snapping pictures is nice for redecorating, We have a wall hanging collage that we never can seem to remember how to put together again , so having a picture can be both reminiscent and functional 🙂


2.Leave your mark –

When you love your house sometimes its nice to write a letter to the new owner/occupant or the old land lord and tell them what you loved about the space, how you used it and that youre excited for them to make wonderful memories too. If this is too cheesy/bold for you let your inner detective out and, hide a time capsule in the attic, or sign your names in an inconspicous space.

3. Goodbye party

Everyone wants to say goodbye to you, and its hard to find time to get all those goodbye hugs in with the moving chaos. A goodbye party is a good solution. No one will mind stepping around a few piles of boxes to show you they love you by attending.

When people ask what else you need for your move, tell them! These people are genuinely interested in how they can help. Your time to make memories with them is limited so packing up some boxes or wiping down some cupboards can be happily spent with them. You need the help, and they feel good doing it.

Moving to Idaho Falls was bittersweet for us. I was so excited to open up my Real Estate/Architecture firm, but we loved where we lived. Our goodbye party was more of a moving party, but they are still memories we cherish.

How to Move in

1. Clean it up

Every house has its own smell, and if this one hasn’t been lived in for six months it really needs that stuffy smell out, so fling open the windows and get things smelling fresh.

To get your inner germaphobe to relax, pull out your regular cleaners and get the grime (or the thought of grime) out. All of your familiar cleaning smells will help everyone feel more settled.

2. Grab Some Grub

We’ve all experienced the lovely move where we only ate potato chips for 2 days. Be proactive this time. Grab a basket of goodies you like and a few regulars for the fridge. Moving is hard enough without being hungry.

3. Animals

When we moved our cat was super freaked out. She went into hiding for more than 2 days. Big spaces can be overwhelming for cats and dogs, so introduce them to a small space first. For a cat, confining to a single room on the first day is the safest, give her all the things she needs and closing the door will help her cope. For dogs introduce them to one floor at a time. Have upstairs and downstairs be off limits for the first week. Show them their bed, their food, and love on them in your spare minutes to reassure them.

4. Party it up again

Host a housewarming. If you know a few friends in town and the kitchen and living room are box free, have a little shin dig. Nothing big, provide a treat and enjoy the company. Its also a great time to get to know who lives on your street, so invite the new neighbors too.

Moving is a myriad of emotions but hopefully these proactive tips will make your move smoother.

To New Spaces!