How we get material takeoffs from drafting

How would you like to have some material takeoffs like this to be included with all of your house plans?

Material Takeoff, Revit

One of the big advantages that we have at Sage Leaf Group is the ability to use BIM technology. What exactly is BIM? BIM stands for Building Information Model. So basically, the model that we create is “smart” in a sense. When we draw a wall, there is 1/2″ sheathing on one side with a stud cavity and 1/2″ gyp on the inside with whatever siding or really any material we want. Every time we draw a specific wall, square footage and volumes of materials are automatically calculated. Isn’t that amazing! It does take some forethought while modeling the plans, but in all reality, it doesn’t take to much more time to do.

This isn’t only true for walls, but for floors, ceilings and roofs as you probably already noticed in the picture above. Since this doesn’t take much more time to do, we include material takeoffs standard with our drawings.

Have fun building!