I can’t help but be awe inspired when I walk through IKEA’s demo apartments whenever I get over to them. I love the idea of utlizing great design to overcome small space. Today’s floorplan is one such inspired design. This loft style apartment was designed by Yulia Baranova and comes in at about 300 square feet.

There are quite a few things to love about compact design and living. Price per square foot is very likely going to go up but I would rather live in this size space versus a normal 700 square foot 1 bedroom home. Cleaning for one would go so much faster 🙂 Add to that the quality of the space you can create with the same budget!

Living Room feels plenty large!

Desk has good space, and look at all those books!

Kitchen is compact but would serve its purpose well.

You can also see that there is lots of storage as you enter the space, a deck, and the stairs leading up to the loft bed has drawers that pull out- eliminating the need for a dresser.