As you can tell by now I love looking at old floorplans. I have been working on a house this week that is Craftsman style and was looking through pictures of craftsman style homes. I love the little intricacies that were placed on older homes that add so much character. This while the homes themselves are relatively simple.

The Kilbourne is no exception. There are still some things that I would change for today. The living room- dining room and kitchen could be opened up which would require some beams and or columns to support the upper floor. The Closets would be considered quite small by today’s standards, and 1 room upstairs is only accessible via another room. I always think it would be interesting to go through the process of updating an older floorplan for today’s lifestyle. Sort of a realization process of what was important to people back then vs what is important to people today.

The description is a bit difficult to read on the brochure. Here’s what is says.

A House that looks as well outside as it is planned inside. The roomy porch is so located that it does not cut off the light from the living roomwhile inside, bedrooms, bath, kitchen, living room and closetall open off the small hallway. The front bedroom has a big combination wardrobe as illustrated on page 58, No. 9265.

Main Floor

The living room is large, light and pleasant. Interest is centered in the fireplace, flanked as it is by well designed windows, with the pair of French doors on one side and the group of three windows on the other. The effect is most inviting. In the dining room there is plenty of room around the table, four windows to insure plenty of light, and spaces for furniture where the places can most conveniently be placed and where they will look best from the front room. Good sleeping quarteers are essential to health. The bedrooms each have windows on two sides. Careful planning, however, is even more apparent in the kitchen than elsewhere. This is as it should be. Right outsided the dining room is the sink. Two windows are at the left of it. At the left is our kitchen cabinet No. 9260 and 9261, shown on page 58. Sink, supplies, utensils, doughboard, cutlery and everything together. Refrigerator but a few steps away in the enclosed entry. The basement stairs lead from the kitchen. Notice that all kitchen work can be done on one side of the kitchen and handy to the dining room. Floors, kitchen and bathroom clear maple, all other rooms clear oak.Porch, cement.


Excavated basement is 7 feet high with a concrete floor.

Height of Ceilings

Basement, 7 feet hight from floor to joists. Rooms on the main floor are 9 feet high.

We furnish our best…

The description is over at this point.

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