Its hard to follow the market. We have crazy low interest rates right now. Along with those low interest rates we have really low real estate inventory to go along with it. There are so many variables to consider.

It appears that we are going to be getting that inventory soon. I have talked to quite a few builders here in Idaho Falls as of late. They are all very optimistic about what this year will hold- many of them are planning on doing more spec homes than they normally due because they are confident that they will sell. One builder that tries to always have a spec home on hand for showings can’t get one because they always sell beforehand.

We can’t really determine how long rates will stay down- at this point a Magic 8 ball is as accurate as any of the “professionals”. We can with good accuracy see that the year will be a good one for those trying to get into a new home.

Check out these interactive real estate market statistics. New listings are back on the rise and our market inventory is way down. Dig into more details at the website.



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