When I think about the topic of “house or home,” it touches a different note for me. I was born and raised just outside of a small town in southeast Idaho. I loved my childhood- after leaving Southast Idaho for school and work, I was surprised to find I really started to miss the small town life. My wife and I incrementally stepped into larger cities. We grew up together on the outskirts of Idaho Falls, ID (population about 60k). Then we got married and went to school in Rexburg, ID (population about 30k). Moved to Moscow, ID for more school (population about 30k). Then I got my first real job in Sacramento, CA (population about 500k- although the metro is more like 4 million). After three years there we landed in the Bay area with a population of about 7 million. I adjusted well, but admittedly it  was a bit of a crazy ride for a small town farm boy.

During our years away, however, we visited Idaho Falls a lot for various Family Reunions, Christmas, funerals.   It’s a really long drive from Idaho Falls to California – about 14 hours long. We were young and did not want to waste a precious vacation day, so we would generally try to make that trip in one day. It wasn’t too bad initially but six years and three children later… well you can probably imagine.

You’re probably wondering what all of this has to do with houses and homes- right? Here it is. During my entire adult life I have lived in a total of nine different apartments, houses, duplexes, etc. I definitely loved some of them- I have great friends sprinkled throughout most of the western states. However, with all of the places that I have lived, there are only a few that I loved enough that I can emotionally consider them my home.

Let me explain a little deeper. During college I took a German reading course where the entire theme was on Heimat- This is an extremely loaded word but would translate to home. However, in German there are powerful emotional ties with the word- it ties not just to the home but to the region and has an additional layer of meaning, “feeling or sense of belonging.” This is what home means to me. That sense of belonging comes strongest for me here in South East Idaho.

When we first decided to move back I heard a song that feels the same way and perhaps will move you the way that it moved me back then.

O Home Beloved

O home belov'd, where'er I wander,
On foreign land or distant sea,
As time rolls by, my heart grows fonder
And yearns more lovingly for thee!
Tho fair be nature's scenes around me,
And friends are ever kind and true,
Tho joyous mirth and song surround me,
My heart, my soul still yearn for you.
Stephens, Evan. O Home Beloved. 1854-1930.

As an Architect and a Realtor my job is to find/create houses for people. The architectural qualities of a space can definitely make a difference in turning a house into a home. However, ultimately I believe that it is friends, family, and a lot of experiences in a given area or house that truly make a house into a home.

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