Here in Idaho Falls we keep getting glimpses of spring- followed by snow. A recent assessment of my yard even revealed that a few of my trees were starting to bud… and I hadn’t gotten around to trimming them yet! Bad news I know, but life gets busy. Last weekend I spent the day outside majorly trimming four of my large trees leaving me with two more to do- hopefully this week. I also removed sod in an area of my lawn so that I can plant a garden- I’m going to be doing the Eden Method of gardening. If anyone has any tips that way let me know!

Here’s some steps to doing some outdoor spring cleaning.

  1. Just like you do when you clean your house you have to put everything away so that you can assess what needs to happen. This means branches, leafs, toys, etc.
  2. Rake it up- In some areas of my yard the grass is laying down and looks dead (heavy snow load). These areas need to be raked which will allow the air and light to get into those spaces and help invigorate the growth.
  3. Green Your Grass- stay ahead of dandelions and crabgrass. Also look into applications of Fertilizers.
  4. Trim things out. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert- because I’m not. So check out this video on youtube. Thanks Lowes! I just watched it again to learn everything I did wrong 🙁
  5. This is also a good time to get your sprinkler systems, lawnmowers, trimmers, etc. in order. Its nice to make sure everything is proper order when you don’t have to use it yet.