Good neighbors and fences

I grew up here in Idaho Falls working for my dad cleaning chimneys, installing fireplaces, and building fences. We recently moved into a home that doesn’t have a fence. As a REALTOR® I know that adding a fence isn’t really going to set me ahead. Meaning when I turn around and sell my house, in however many years (maybe never), it won’t really add to the value. Despite that, adding a fence is the first do it yourself project that is coming up for us as new homeowners. As a side note, I do have to say that for people who are going to be selling soon it would likely not pay for itself in terms of raising the value. However, it could help to make the home sell faster which could make it sell higher as well.

Its been along time since I’ve done a vinyl fence (about 10 years). I’m quite surprised because the prices have gone up about $5-6 per linear foot from what I remember. Luckily I have some great neighbors who have agreed to share the cost on the portion that we share. The image above is our yard (thanks google maps). The blue lines represent the existing fence lines, the red lines represent where we are putting in a new fence line. Its going to be so great getting our kids closed into a yard again!

I’ll do an update when we finish it up so you can see the finished product. I’m also placing a site plan (in the works) with the fence called out. I need to make some adjustments. However, the site plan is the nerdy element of what I did to try to get a count on fence posts. Eventually I will get the house updated maybe we will even use it as one of the Floorplan Friday posts. I really like some of the features of our house.