“I want an authentic local restaurant to eat at tonight!” I heard myself tell my Sister-in-law. I was staying in Logan for some pre-holiday fun two years ago. She took me to a gas station, “This is the restaurant?” I questioned. Walking inside, I found half the building was a regular convenience store, the other half, transformed into a fine Indian cuisine restaurant.

I have fond memories of that night, my time spent living in Sacramento exposed me to wonderful Indian cuisine and Tandoori Oven did not disappoint. So, imagine my surprise and delight when I learned they opened a location less than a mile from my home in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

When I tell people this is one of my favorite restaurants, I sometimes get funny looks. People tell me they hate the smell of curry, or they prefer eating food that doesn’t already look digested. I get it, Indian food doesn’t have the familiar smell and look of the typical western world restaurant. But, if you can convince yourself to step out of your American box, it is sooooo worth it.

Most meals are served with delicious Naan bread, there are garlic flavored, original, or dessert varieties. They also serve their entrees with rice, and when I took my 6-year-old nephew with me, he told me it was the best rice he has ever had. So, rest assured between those two non-threatening western style foods, you won’t go hungry.

But then there are the sauces.. oooh the sauces, Saags, Currys, masalas, tandoris they all are different and all wonderful. I am especially partial to any of their meals with coconut, they are absolutely heavenly. I like to combine the rice, naan bread and sauce in each bite.

Some of my favorites are:

Indian Butter Chicken, it’s a nice red sauce with a bit of a butter flavor

Coconut chicken Masala, another red sauce with a coconut flavor

Lamb saag, this one has a spinach base, so its super green, and although I didn’t think I was a lamb person, Chef Shanes Perspective (right around the corner from Tandoori Oven), served me lamb one night and it was so delicious I decided maybe I am a lamb person, and by extension made me brave enough to try the lamb saag, which once again, was delicious. However, I believe they have a chicken saag too if you aren’t quite ready to try the lamb.

Every time I’ve been there, I like to convince my party to “pass the plate and split the bill” that way you get to try a lot of different sauces and figure out which ones are your favorite.

There are some delightful drinks on the menu as well as some nice mango, rice, and donut treats.

So next time you are feeling adventurous, try Tandoori Oven.

To great Indian cuisine!