Rupes’ Burgers

My parents moved from Idaho Falls to Blackfoot a little more than ten years ago. My mom arguably makes the best breads and soups in the area, so we don’t often eat out when we go visit them. Occasionally, we will pick up pizza or burritos and even for a small town there are multiple mexican and pizza food choices.  So, it took me by surprise when in a conversation with some local  friends someone mentioned the restaurant Rupes. I’d never heard of it, I filed it away to my memory that the next time we needed a restaurant in the Blackfoot area, we were going to try Rupes.

As you can see Rupes has the old-fashioned car-hop-drive-up sort of option as well as fabulous dining-in options. The thing I was surprised by most was their menu has so much variety! I expected burgers, fries and ice cream, but there was so much more.

For Sides and Starters they range from chili, soup, jalapeno poppers a few fried goodness choices and even baked potatoes. We enjoyed their Sampler platter while we were there which was a large basket of jalapeno poppers, cheese sticks, onion rings and tater tots.

Their Burgers are also delicious, there are 12 different varieties, Greg tried the Black and Bleu Burger because he goes a little crazy for bleu cheese. It was delicious and so affordable, its hard to find a delicious custom burger for under $8 but Rupes burger prices range from  $3.75 to $5.75. There are also 10 fine sandwiches to choose from.

They also serve Chicken, Shrimp and Steak dinners, I was scared to try an entrée like that at what seems to be a fast food place, but because my first experience with them was so positive I wouldn’t shy away now.

There are hot dogs and burritos on the menu that delighted my three children. Once again, everything was refreshingly affordable.

I generally would have opted for a sandwich or a burger, but I am sporting some new braces that make my eating choices on the softer side, so, I enjoyed a fabulous serving of stroganoff with baked potato- It was a win!

The drinks were also delightful. Their menu boasts whips and floats. The whip is pretty much a soda float all blended together. I had a root beer whip. Greg enjoyed a fun soda combination, 7 up with Vanilla and lemon.

The service was AMAZING. The waitress helped us navigate through the menu, made great suggestions, was friendly and prompt.

Long story short, I’m excited to eat here again! I can’t believe I haven’t been enjoying it for the last ten years.