Today’s Floorplan Friday features a classic brick colonial home.

This colonial features simplicity in its form and material selection. It’s not grand in size but seems both modest and well proportioned. In fact, you have to go through certain rooms to get to other rooms. This is more a sign of the times than anything else. People of the 1920’s would have only gone into other peoples living room and dining rooms. Today- the whole home is on display.

Although this home appears to be only about 1300 SF total the rooms are well sized. To bring this to today’s standards I wouldn’t venture to make the home too much deeper, but focus more on making the building longer, maybe something that is 30’ x 40’ instead of 20’ x 30’. By including a basement, we could then have a 3600 SF home. Also adding a garage on the side where the kitchen is- yet set back a few feet so the main house’s proportions take dominance and a sun room on the living room side to balance the addition of the garage would also be appropriate.

Happy house hunting!