This home was designed in 1908 by Greene & Greene Architects for a winter residence of David and Mary Gamble. It is one of the most detailed homes you will ever find. You couldn’t build this same home today with these finishes. The house utilizes a large variety of wood and we simply don’t have large enough trees to do some of the things that they were able to do back then.

Some of the details that you will find if you go to visit include, the family crest integrated into some of the motifs. Handrails that step with the steps themselves, rounded square wood buttons to cover up where mechanical fasteners would be located. Custom buckles to hold together the intricate beams. In my view the building and its details are robust yet elegant. This home was expensive for its time- costing about 18 times more than other homes in the same area.

Today we can still go and explore this house but it seems rather by chance. The home was on the market for a time and when the potential buyers came to see the house and talked about painting some of the wood (within earshot of the Gambles). The house was immediately removed from the market and years later it was deeded to the city of Pasadena and the University of Southern California School of Architecture.

Video of House (You really should watch it!)

In Idaho Falls we can also find some beautiful gems from the arts and crafts period, however, for the most part you won’t see well preserved ones hit the market. I have been in quite a few craftsmen style homes that have been well preserved. If you are looking for one of these gems I’d love to help you find it 🙂