Its really hard to as an architect to not come out so visually oriented. Looking at most of my posts over the past year and likely todays post as well is more picture then it is words. This home is pretty sweet. The mixture of wood and stone alone make it a great building but the thing that will likely stand out the most is the green roof.

There is a huge variety of green roofs in the world most of them don’t look like something that you would want to lay down let alone picnic on. This house embraces the landscaped grass becoming a part of it. I can only imagine rolling down it with my kids- or better yet sledding down it. Also, who wants to watch fireworks from here? Now we have some pretty awesome fireworks here in Idaho Falls, but does anyone have a place like this to watch them from? Sadly, I think we would be required to have a railing put around the whole thing

There are also a multitude of benefits to green roofs. Water runnoff kind of becomes a much smaller issue. The structure does need to be a bit beefier to handle the heavy load of soil, water, and plant material. The roof however will also greatly increase the efficiency of your home keeping you cooler in the summer (stick your hand a few inches into the soil in the summer, how does it feel, not lay it down on some asphalt shingles- now do the same thing in the winter).

This home has alot of texture and variety to its form and down to the material use as well. I hope you enjoy it! The architect was blipsz architecture and it was built in Romania.