Its Micro Friday Floorplan! Every week as I’m reading articles looking at my clients inspiration boards, their pinterest pins, and houzz portfolios I am constantly looking for that one floorplan that just pops out at me. This week it is a more different floorplan than I’ve shared before. Its more like a community center. A community center in a community that to most of my readers would be completely foreign. Indeed I’m not really sure where Dashilar is but I am excited by what I see here and the roots form which it came are intriguing as well.


Su Shengliang

This location was once occupied by over a dozen families. Tradition had it that each family would build a small add-on kitchen in the shared courtyard. For the most part these communities have been scrapped with new development. In today’s example those built on’s have been saved or at least in resemblance.

Here’s what the courtyard looked like before.

Here’s the After Shot from about the same spot.

Zhang Mingming

The wooden object on the left is a micro children’s library. One of the former kitchens is a play structure for the kids to play on.

Here’s the floorplans and other pictures.

Pictures and Architectural credits go to Su Shengliang, Zhang Mingming, and ZAO/standardarchitecture