At Sage Leaf Group Architecture and Realty in Idaho Falls I declare a new tradition, and that is… 1. Finish a big project…. 2.Reward the crew with some Cocoa Bean cupcakes.

I have every right to set traditions as co-owner  in Sage Leaf Group; I do important stuff, like blog 😉 counsel the other co-owner, deliver snow cones, counsel the other co-owner, deliver Costa Vida, provide chips and salsa, counsel the other co-owner, etc. But man, of all the food we have celebrated with Cocoa Bean is like… the heaven of those foods.

The frosting is so vanilla-ey, and not the nasty kind, the really really good kind of vanilla. And it’s not the overbearing sweetness that frosting so regularly can be, its light and delicious and leaves your tongue thinking about it for a while. Then the actual cake, amazing! Moist and full of flavor. That’s right, I said moist, and all those who hate that word need to give me another word to communicate the importance of having a moist cupcake. I’m not actually sure if all the ingredients are legal because each cupcake is so wonderful and each bite leaves you wondering if you have ever even tasted that delicious flavor before.

There was a nice selection of flavors available, I especially liked the Better than Whatever flavor, the White Chocolate Raspberry, and the Grasshopper (mint). They also have cookies, ice cream,cake pops, italian soda and coffee in their shop, but I have only partaken of the cupcakes and am thus unable to comment on any others of the above.

In the past, I have joined in the crowds that have scoffed at charging out a simple cupcake at 2.50 a pop, but I am repentant now. That was the old me, I know better now. Cocoa Bean cupcakes are worth every penny. I’m just hoping the guys wrap up another project here soon because I’m absolutely certain those cupcakes want me to eat them again.


P.S. I just remembered the reason this can’t actually be a tradition. We are rather fond of one of a certain gluten-free employee :S So please…. help me think of a different reason to regularly frequent this wonderful place.