For my birthday this year, there was only one restaurant I was interested in going to in Idaho Falls. And that place was none other than The Cellar.

What’s to love? The Cellar has atmosphere, which I am noticing is pretty darn important to me. I like the cozy feeling, the warm lighting, and intimate seating. I like that the chef comes and asks me if I enjoyed my meal. I like that they can whip up a beautiful tasty virgin drink with fresh flowers fastened to the side of my cup. Everything is beautiful, the patio has string lights, there are rounded arch doorways throughout, little quotes saying they believe in slow food (but I promise you don’t really notice the wait ). The restaurant is really very beautiful, overall they have done a lovely job on the interiors and décor.

Then the food, oh my. Everything is excellent, I put them to the test on my last visit. I ordered a shrimp and grits entree, not because I am a shrimp fan, (in fact the only seafood I regularly enjoy is Salmon).  No, I ordered the shrimp because I was sure that The Cellar is so good that they can prepare a food I generally don’t care for in a way that I would enjoy. And, they passed with flying colors. It was delicious, just as every other meal I’ve ever had there. Here is a link to their menu

Then the music, oh the music. So delightful to my ears, I confess, my ears savored the music even more than my mouth savored the food. I love that. I love the combination of food and music that is memorable, long after you’ve left.  The musicians come only on Friday and Saturday nights, and they have a few different musicians that rotate weekly. If you don’t enjoy music with your meal, ask that you not be seated on the patio. You will still hear it I presume, but it will be easier to visit with your dinner party. Speaking of Friday and Saturday nights, you probably want to grab a reservation to be sure there is a seat for you.

The Cellar is arguably the most expensive restaurant in town, however, there is talk they may bring a few less expensive entrée’s to the menu, and may have already done so since my last visit. Don’t let the price scare you away too much though, its really not that much more than your typical chain dinner resturant.  Additionally, the experience The Cellar provides should be had, at least once, so promise me you will consider it for your next special occasion.