Dear Greg,

This is a letter from your future self. You are just starting your education at this point and as you move forward with it, I want you to consider a few of the following thoughts. This is really just to help you gain a better sense of your chosen profession and to tell you that everything is going to turn out just fine.

I need to help dispel some of the beliefs that you may currently have of the architecture profession.

Architects don’t make as much money as you think they do. That being said I think that you can make as much as you want to with it, but it will definitely take work on your part. Yep, you will probably be self employed, but then I think you’ve always known that. Knowing that it may be wise for you to consider taking more business classes while you’re in school, or looking at doing the dual MBA program. If you have other interests that form don’t be afraid to spend the time to add that to your education.

Architects don’t spend all their time designing/drawing. This probably comes as a relief to you, however, you will spend some time designing and should focus on improving your abilities while in school.

Contrary to popular culture, architects (and architecture students) don’t need to spend 80 hour weeks in the studio to be successful. Don’t get swept away in this culture of thinking.

Ask a firm if you can shadow there for a week or for a day. Get a better understanding of what you will be doing when you graduate and at the stages after “internship” is over.

I think that you will find there no matter what your interests turn out to be there is a place for you in the field of architecture. So enjoy your journey getting there.

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