A focus on butterfly roof’s. A bit different than our normal Friday Floorplan. However, its not because of a lack of effort on our part. We searched for a long time to find a floorplan that we liked that had a butterfly roof. We just didn’t have any luck. You may be asking, “What is a butterfly roof?” Well sit back and read/look at pretty pictures!

This is one of the more modern roofs that you will see and we have only seen it used in modern applications. However, it does have some awesome benefits. You can see that the water is forced to chanel down a particular point. If you live somewhere that it rains a lot you can turn this into a water feature. You could also store this as grey water to use to water plants, etc. You’ll have to look up grey water for now but know that it is usable and that someday maybe we will do a write up about it.

Another common and very cool feature is that it creates the opportunity to have nice big windows. If you look through the pictures you will notice that they all have larger windows, the views open up as opposed to our more general approach of closing off, getting smaller, channeling our view. Tell us what you think of these various projects.