Architectural Style

There are so many styles to every design profession. Architectural Style is no exception and there are so many little things that make a difference.


Writing tool, computers, models, papers….etc. Each of those can also be broken down into a ridiculous list as well. For example under model falls chipboard, plastic, legos… Under computers a million design programs. Under writing tools you have pens, (brand and style), sharpies, pencils… Its really quite ridiculous when you look at all the different tools we have. And each tool will create a different result or style.

One of the most important tools that isn’t in there but there is definitely only one of. The designer themselves. Give any person the same set of tools and instructions and I guarantee you the design that they spit out will not be the same. Period.


As there are likely a million different solutions to any given project the process is what ultimately gets a to where we are going. Part of that process for architects involves determining what the client wants. What is their style? How can we take that and apply it into our style to get an outcome that everyone is pleased with. Any architectural style that comes about is a derivitave of the process that goes into creating the building.


The architectural process will always put out an architecture product (plans, designs, etc). There are so many different architectural styles. And most designers can probably create something similar to any one of these.

Architectural Style

Courtesy of Pop Chart Lab

The real question that I wish I could answer for myself though. Do I have an architectural style? I think this is something that happens with time, and look forward to at least honing on my architectural process so that with time and experience I will be recognized for being able to create a building that matches the wants, needs, and style of my clients.

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