Tips for Home Staging

Moving is stressful! Sure there are excitements, you know it’s the right move to make and you know it will all be worth it, but there’s no getting around it. It’s a TON of work. Any of you homeowners who have experienced placing your home on the market know that that only increases the stress tenfold. Why? Because you get to live in a home that perpetually looks like a magazine.

This article will give you some tips on staging that will decrease the length of your pain. Staging is the new standard. People expect your home to look like your pictures, (Which you staged for). If you decide staging is for the birds you are competing against homes who are presenting staged homes. Most agents agree… your home will sit on the market longer if you don’t stage.

So how do you keep things looking great:

1.Turn the Lights on! I know this will be a challenge for you watt watchers but Yes, it is your job to turn on all light switches, and don’t expect your agent to turn them off for you. That’s your job too. I don’t recommend lighting the candles or the nice fire you had during the pictures, but the lights you can do.

2.Replace your phone with your vacuum. Not literally, but use your vacuum almost as much as you use your phone. The house needs to look well cared for and clean floors make a home restful to walk in.

3.Spruce up the yard. Be sure the leaves are blown and the grass is being regularly maintained. Flower beds need to be in order and sidewalks clean. For our home that would include a regular sweep of kids bikes, side walk chalk, and empty bubble bottles. You get the point, the idea is your home doesn’t actually look lived in.

4.Speaking of not living in your house, let’s talk about your shower. All of your razors, shampoo etc. need to be carefully stowed in the cupboard during showings. Wipe down the shower, floor and mirror so that it looks, well, like a magazine. Your favorite towels you regularly use need to be laundered daily or folded neatly and placed in the cupboard in a separate pile. There’s really nowhere to hide things because people will be looking under sinks and in cupboards and if they find a mess, they will conclude you have not taken care of their new home well.

5.Your closet needs to look organized, if it’s over full, your potential buyers may conclude there isn’t enough closet space. Pack up regularly unused items into boxes and put them into the storage room so the closet looks fresh. Dirty clothes need to be placed in the hamper, and all of the air drying you generally do needs to be done at night and put away before your potential buyers come trampling past your underwear.

6.Be careful of scents. Garbage’s need to be emptied regularly, and cooking fish right before a showing may not be the best idea. Be sensitive. Overly powerful scentsys and diffusers can be a big turn off for people. If you have something running, make sure it is light. Don’t forget Febreze works wonders in a pinch.

7.Your children and pets aren’t seen or heard. It’s simplest to schedule homes with children during school hours, and the pets need to be crated or taken out with you during the showing. Be sure cages/lawns/ litter boxes are daily maintained. My wife and I experienced this a few times where a well-meaning dog was really distracting to the home viewing. It’s a pain, but it won’t last forever!

I know the list is rigorous, but this is the life we be living when it comes to selling homes. Follow these tips and hopefully your house will sell a little sooner. Then you can happily prance around in a house full of messy boxes. Which will literally be like heaven to you after living in a magazine house for a few weeks.

To your home selling and home staging


Ideas from this article were adapted from Bernice Ross’ “7 dirty little staging tips no one ever tells you”